Saturday, May 16, 2015

Photos from the Consecration of Bishop William Francis Burns (ACC)

The priest associate at my parish, Fr. Don Edelmann, is a first generation continuing Anglican priest. He recently gave me some photos that scanned of his bishop's consecration. The bishop is the Rt. Rev'd William Francis Burns of the ACC's Diocese of the Resurrection.

A friend told me that there is an old legend that a prominent "Episcopalian turned Continuing Church priest" who was expecting to be elevated to this position and was passed over decided at that point to go to Rome, where he is now a noted traditionalist convert who is featured on EWTN from time to time!

Anyway, I have attached the photos of the consecration of Bp. Burns here along with a later photo of some of the clergy of that diocese with Bishops Burns and Kleppinger. Enjoy!

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